Recipe: Ginkgo porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo porridge


After being cooked, the ginkgo has a soft palate and a special aroma.



  1. Wash the basmati rice, soak it in advance (I soaked for one night), put it in a saucepan, automatic file

  2. Handling ginkgo: remove the shell, go to the red coat, pick out the germ with a toothpick (not afraid of trouble, if you don't do this, maybe it will be poisoned)

  3. Adding ginkgo and washed red dates

  4. After the porridge is boiled, put a proper amount of rock sugar until the sugar is melted.


Although the ginkgo is good, it is not advisable to eat more. Even the cooked ginkgo may cause poisoning, which is dangerous.

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