Recipe: Ginkgo ham stewed with jaundice

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo ham stewed with jaundice


[Dragon Boat Festival Banquet] Ginkgo ham stewed with jaundice - Huang Wei is killed by Dad, I don't dare, ham is cut by my father, I can't move, useless, hand-free chicken power! So what did I do?



  1. The ham slices are drowned, the white oil becomes transparent and then thrown into the casserole. Add water and stew for 20-30 minutes. Stew the scent.

  2. Ginkgo water, remove bitterness, spare.

  3. The scutellariae is cut into even knives. It doesn't need to be cut off. After a while, it is stewed, and it can be easily pinched off with chopsticks. Put the sassafras into the saucepan, and put in the onion, ginger and garlic, add cold water and not simmer, and stew in medium heat. Some people say that the sputum needs to smash the water to remove the blood. I don't have any water, because the scent of the scorpion is gone.

  4. After the water is opened, there is an important step to do, that is, to remove the floating foam, so that the soup will be clean.

  5. Feed the wine and continue to stew, stew until almost the squid meat is white, put it into the ginkgo and stew.

  6. Stewed to the squid, it is almost OK, seasoned with salt, served on the table.

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