Recipe: Ginkgo double winter arctic shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo double winter arctic shrimp



  1. The wild Arctic shrimp that will be bought will be naturally thawed at room temperature (don't take hot water), winter bamboo shoots, winter mushroom diced, green onion minced, ginger slices, green and red pepper oblique knife diced

  2. Open the water in the pot, put it into the ginkgo fruit and remove it for use. The winter bamboo shoots and the winter mushrooms are also flying separately, and they are ready for use.

  3. Put a little oil in the pot, put the ginger onion and musk into the column and sauté the scent, and put the thawed wild prawn stir fry

  4. Add the mushroom diced in the pot, add the winter bamboo shoots, add the soup, add sugar, salt, and chicken seasoning. Stir fry evenly. Add the ginkgo fruit and stir fry. Sprinkle a little sesame oil to serve the pan.

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