Recipe: Ginkgo celery fried yuba

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginkgo celery fried yuba


Refreshing and delicious, and can promote gastrointestinal motility ~ a good helper to lose weight!



  1. Ginkgo peeled and peeled (worrying can go to the core) to wash, yuba in advance to soak the cut, celery washed and cut. Cut the onion, ginger shredded, garlic chopped and chopped.

  2. Hot pot into the oil, ginger and garlic scented, ginkgo poured into the fire to stir the color, celery poured into the fry color, yuba poured into it, add soy sauce fried.

  3. Add salt and seasoning, sprinkle with chopped green onion. Take a photo from the pot and take a photo! ! !

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