Recipe: Ginger wine stuffed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger wine stuffed egg


I cooked a bowl of ginger wine for myself. Give yourself a little warmer and more moisturizing in this dry and cool season!



  1. Wash the ginger and peel it into the bowl, cut it into a bowl, mash it with a rolling pin, and then put it into the washed gauze to squeeze out the ginger juice until use; the egg is broken into egg liquid; after washing, use water slightly. Soak for a while

  2. Put a proper amount of water in the clean pot, boil it, pour it into the pot, cook for a minute or two, then pour it into the wine.

  3. Pour in the ginger juice, then pour in the egg liquid, cook until the egg is solidified and then serve.


I didn't add sugar when I cooked it. It is not very sweet to eat. I can add the right amount of sugar according to my personal preference.

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