Recipe: Ginger wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger wine


Promise that the kitchen cooks built a recipe for ginger and green leafy vegetables. Today, I will make up the dishes. In Shanghai dialect, it is the spring vegetables in the spring, which has been blossoming. It looks like a Cantonese dish, slightly thick and strong. The top of the tender tip is the best to eat, the stem is crisp, the leaves are soft... For the unified cognition, it is called the rape dish.



  1. The rapeseed tip is washed and drained as much as possible. It is beneficial to be fully absorbed by the vegetables after adding the seasoning;

  2. Ginger is rubbed into a mud to squeeze out the ginger juice, and rice wine, salt and white sugar are added to the seasoning;

  3. Heat up in a frying pan, pour in the vegetables and stir fry quickly. When the ripeness is 7-8, pour in the ginger wine and stir well.


How is ginger juice squeezed? What is the salt and pepper flavor? I really want to faint in the face of such a question... I use Guangdong rice wine, if there is no Huadiao wine or cooking wine available; this side is formed under the guidance of @小也小小厨友, thank you dear!

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