Recipe: Ginger Tenders in June 6

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger Tenders in June 6


I have always stressed that we in Taizhou love to eat ginger juice, the main food is ginger noodle soup, the dessert has ginger juice! Children in Taizhou can eat! It is said that when you eat ginger and tune in the hottest time in June, you can get wet, so we in Taizhou have the custom of eating ginger juice in June.



  1. Juice: Ginger: Yellow wine: brown sugar = 3:2:3, boil in a small fire in the pot, and naturally cool.

  2. After the eggs are fully dispersed, they are ready for use. The walnuts are chopped and some are chopped. Some of the granules will have a higher taste. Slowly pour the cooled juice into the egg mixture, add the broken walnuts, stir evenly with a spoon, and finally sprinkle the larger particles of walnuts and float on it for 5 minutes.

  3. After boiling in the steamer, put the egg juice in the still place, steam for about 10 minutes, poke with chopsticks to check the degree of ripening, and sprinkle a little brown sugar before the pot.


After the adjusted juice is cooled, there will be a little impurities, so be careful not to get into the egg liquid.

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