Recipe: Ginger Stew & Ginger Fried Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger Stew & Ginger Fried Rice


Ginger juice hits milk always fails? Try ginger stew! The same can be solidified! Don't waste the ginger powder that is squeezed out of the ginger juice. It can greatly increase the flavor when used for fried rice. It is definitely different from the general egg fried rice!



  1. Ginger is rubbed with a ginger board and squeezed into ginger.

  2. Add sugar and ginger juice to the bowl and mix well. Steam in the steamer until the milk is solidified.

  3. The overnight rice in the refrigerator (do not cook too bad, try to be harder). Take out the scattered (or loose, random, don't want a whole piece of rice to cook). The ginger powder that squeezed the ginger juice was scattered. Eggs are beaten into egg liquid.

  4. Fry the oil in the wok (the oil can be put as little as possible, enough to run the pot), heat, pour the ginger into the ginger and golden yellow. Be careful not to get splattered with ginger.

  5. Pour the rice into the pot (make sure the pot is hot enough to pour the rice, otherwise the rice is easy to stick) and stir fry quickly.

  6. The egg liquid is poured on the rice and quickly stir-fried, so that the egg liquid is wrapped in the rice grains, and do not fall into the pot to form a piece. Add all the egg liquid and fry and add salt.

  7. Enjoy the hot and fragrant ginger stew and ginger-fried rice! The temperature of ginger juice is much higher than that of ginger juice. Pay attention to the hot mouth.


If the milk does not solidify, it may be that the ginger is too little. A piece of ginger of the general size is basically enough to wipe a half of the piece into a mud.

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