Recipe: Ginger Spinach Pie

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger Spinach Pie



  1. Wash the spinach, drain, and clean the ginger and eggs.

  2. Cover it with water and smooth dough.

  3. Spinach cut into pieces, don't lick, so as not to effluent

  4. Add peanut oil and rubbed ginger and stir-fry in the spinach filling.

  5. The eggs are broken and the salt is ready (three pieces are divided into three)

  6. Divide the dough into 6 doses, 3 of which are slightly larger

  7. Put a dose into a pancake and put it on the lid, then lick the next pie

  8. Take another pot and put a piece of cake, put the salt and mix it, spread it on the cake, then use a small spoon to pour the egg liquid.

  9. Place the second cake along the side of the spinach filling and press it with your mother or forefinger

  10. Heat the pan in a small fire and gently slide it into the pan.

  11. No need to cover the lid, always use a small fire to turn into a yellowish turn

  12. Cut the cake into two or four portions, you can also eat it directly.


1, the key to this cake is delicious "ginger", ginger to be rubbed into a velvet (if there is no special tools, smashed with a knife), to put a little more. Spinach is cool, and there is a touch of astringency. Putting more "ginger" can not only refresh, but all problems can be solved; 2. If you burn a few cakes, divide the salt into several portions. Salt is added when the brand is baked to avoid the spinach effluent; 3, the edge of the cake should be pressed a little smaller, 4, the dough is soft and moderate, the cake skin should be even and not too thick. The second cake is slightly larger than the first cake.

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