Recipe: Ginger rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger rice


When I was eating brown rice every day, I didn’t know how to eat it. I happened to see the sharing of Oriental Billy. I learned this sweet and delicious ginger rice brown rice dish, even if it is delicious, it is delicious!



  1. After washing the brown rice, add water to soak for 1/2 hour. Wash the ginger and shred it.

  2. Pour the ginger and rice wine into the pot, boil and turn off the flame, separate the ginger from the boiled juice.

  3. Add the brown rice to the boiled juice and boil it with water. Add ginger and add the mushroom soy sauce, sugar, and soy soup to cook the rice.

  4. The boiled rice is added to the flax oil and evenly mixed.

  5. After the seaweed is cut into filaments, sprinkle it on the rice with a little black sesame and dried cranberries.


When cooking brown rice, I also put peanuts, kidney beans, red beans and other ingredients, which can be said to be a very rich staple food.

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