Recipe: Ginger pork roast

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger pork roast


It can be made into a single item or as a set meal. Japanese practice, with salad is not greasy. The following is the amount used for 2 people.



  1. After the pork is cut into thin slices of about 3 mm, pour all the seasonings for pickling and marinate for 10 minutes.

  2. After the lettuce is washed, shred and the tomato slices are ready for use. Mix all the B seasonings and pour them into a small bowl for later use.

  3. Use kitchen paper to absorb the moisture from the top of the marinated one.

  4. Pour the salad oil into the pan and heat it. Put a slice of pork in 30 seconds (do not overlap). Simmer in the medium to 6 mature.

  5. Pour all the B seasoning after pouring the wine. Turn over the meat and let the sides absorb the sauce.

  6. Pour in the ginger mud and turn the meat slices over again. Let the slices of ginger on both sides of the meat. The sauce was closed to 6,7 percent and immediately turned off.

  7. Load the disk. Put rice, add lettuce, and tomato.


Ginger mud is not made out, it is rubbed out, so that there is fiber. Ginger mud can not be placed early, can be put in the pot 2, 3 minutes before the pot.

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