Recipe: Ginger pinch meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger pinch meat


I want to eat for my loved ones, you are happy, I am happy!



  1. The meat is selected from the fat and thin, it is best to meet the five-story building. The whole pot is cooked in hot water, picked up and dried, and then marinated for 1 hour or more with a soy sauce 1:5 note. It is easier to soak it in soaked soy sauce

  2. Then the pot oil is squeezed until the pigskin is loose.

  3. Slice the flat, smear the salted ginger and steam into the pot, do not need to steam like roast meat like the meat, we want is a meaty meaty meat, not greasy, with a bit of ginger and fragrant meat ,

  4. Wipe off saliva and eat meat

  5. Next time on the real map


Selection of meat key, steaming control

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