Recipe: Ginger, onion, garlic, stir-fried crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger, onion, garlic, stir-fried crab


The following is the amount of six crabs. If you like heavy taste, you can increase the amount of materials. You can adjust it according to your taste. The practice is the same.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the crabs, wipe them clean, cut into pieces, and set aside.

    Wash the crabs, wipe them clean, cut into pieces, and set aside.

  2. Flavored portion: Cut a portion of the garlic into pieces, and the remaining chopped garlic, and add salt, salt, pepper, oil and chili powder to the garlic, stir well and set aside. Cut the onion into sections, cut the ginger into pieces, wash the dried peppers, and set aside.

  3. Seasoning Sauce: Put the soy sauce, sugar, and chili sauce in a bowl and mix well. Place the cornstarch and a portion of the water in a separate bowl and mix well.

  4. Preheat the wok, add the appropriate amount of peanut oil, add a piece of ginger, garlic, dried chili, stir the spices, pour the crab into the stir fry, sprinkle the cooking wine to taste, then put in the adjustment Garlic sauce, add the right amount of salt, seasoning sauce, continue to stir fry, then add a little water, stir fry evenly and cover the pot for 5 to 10 minutes, the crab is cooked.

  5. Open the lid and pour the cornstarch sauce into the sauce. The delicious fried crab can be served on the saucer.

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