Recipe: Ginger onion, chicken thigh

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger onion, chicken thigh


This dish is simple and delicious. And the whole dish does not need to add cooking oil ~ it will not be very greasy.



  1. First apply a proper amount of salt on both sides of the chicken thigh. If there is sea salt better, marinate well.

  2. Ginger onions and garlic into a spare

  3. Stir the chicken thighs. Remove and then pour it into the pan. Do not put oil. The skin is fried. The chicken legs will be oiled and the sides will be slightly fried to a slight golden color.

  4. Pour the right amount of water and soy sauce, white sugar in the pot, and a little ginger and sauce. Sauce the chicken leg on the fire. Pay attention to both sides.

  5. 焖About 10 minutes, the chicken legs will be served. There is also sauce in the pot, pour the remaining ginger onion garlic into the stir fry, and pour the sauce on the chicken leg. Finish~

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