Recipe: Ginger onion beef louver

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger onion beef louver


In addition to the exquisite production, the Cantonese-style tea-drinking snacks are diverse in variety. Steamed meat, such as chicken feet, pork ribs, pork belly, beef balls, beef venetian, beef belly, beef tendon, rotten skin, cowboy bones, etc.; small cage steamed snacks, like the famous shrimp dumplings, dry steamed and sold , dumplings, beef jerky and various kinds of dumplings, etc.; Said to be a big cage, the actual is not much bigger than the small cage, but the difference is in the leather, the skin of these things are mostly hair-faced, such as barbecued pork, milk yellow bag, rose bean bag, lotus seed bag, horse cake, thousand Layer cakes, etc.; there are glutinous rice chicken, steamed sausage powder (intestinal powder generally has beef intestines, fresh shrimp intestines, pork sausage powder, etc.); there are porridge, such as fish porridge, porridge, and porridge. Preserved eggs, lean meat porridge, etc.; there are also many fried dishes, such as fried dumplings, salted dumplings, horns, Fried horseshoe cake, fried silk cake, fried spring rolls, fried wonton, fried rice cake, fried radish cake, salted pancakes, sirloin cake, etc., dried fried beef river, steamed Chencun powder, oyster sauce king fried noodles, Xingzhou fried rice There are also different types of fried rice fried noodles such as raw fried beef rice; of course, there are desserts, such as glutinous rice bran, wife cake, tofu, egg tart, copra, coconut skein, crystal cake, sweet scallions, etc., even mung bean syrup, red bean syrup Sugar, stewed eggs, etc. can also be found in the tea market.....the variety of varieties, countless!



  1. Cut ginger, onion and pepper into silk and put them in a small bowl.

  2. Cow lobes washed, shredded

  3. Put the water in the pot, boil it and put it in the beef scallops. After the cold water is removed, put it in a small dish.

  4. Put the oil in the pan and heat it.

  5. Pour the hot oil into the small bowl of practice 1.

  6. Add a little water to the pot, pour the soy sauce, sugar, chicken powder into a sauce and put in a bowl.

  7. Then pour the sauce of practice 6. on the cow venetian silk

  8. Put the ginger onion oil of practice 5. in practice 7. Mix it a little, and finally put the pepper on it.

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