Recipe: Ginger onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger onion


Fast food, cheaper than the outside, the cost of a dozen pieces of outside a few dollars is also a few dollars, making the dishes in the restaurant at home is my lifelong goal, haha



  1. The flower armor that was bought back was soaked in salt water for about 30 minutes, let the flower arm spit out the sediment, the salt water was sterilized, and the dirty things on the surface of the flower carapace were washed away.

  2. Soaked flower armor rinsed with water for 2-3 times

  3. Cut the red pepper into two petals, take out the chili seeds, cut into pieces of about 4cm, slice the ginger, cut the onion

  4. Pour the oil in the pot, heat it to 80%, then pour in ginger, red pepper, and fry

  5. Pour into the soy sauce, the state of the flower is cooked, the flower carapace is open, and the frying pan can be placed in a pot.


This dish does not need to put salt, because the salt is salted before the flower, the MSG is not needed, the seafood food is the best, only a little soy sauce is a delicious dish.

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