Recipe: Ginger noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger noodle


In the ancient Taizhou diet, ginger noodle soup may be the most regional food in Taizhou. This is the staple food for Taizhou women to nurse their bodies when they are confined. It has become a daily favorite pasta.



  1. 1. Put the lard into the pot, and then stir-fry the dried ingredients such as dried shrimp, pork, bamboo shoots (or white silk) and mushrooms.

  2. 2, then sprinkle some yellow wine, when the seasoning is semi-ripe, the fragrance comes out, pour the fried ginger soup,

  3. 3. Put in rice noodles, egg skins, and green vegetables when boiled. Put a few hazelnuts in the pan and then put them into a large bowl. The entrance is very soft, and it is the ultimate taste of the terrace.


The egg skin is first fried and cut into thin strips.

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