Recipe: Ginger noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger noodle


In my hometown of Taizhou, “Ginger noodle soup” is very typical and characteristic in traditional cuisine. We have a lot of seafood in the seaside city, and the south is heavy in moisture. It has always been a habit of eating ginger! "Ginger noodle" as my Taizhou cuisine is very hopeful to share the delicious food for everyone!



  1. All kinds of materials are cleaned and shredded (dry daylily, mushrooms, scallops in advance), and the eggs are scattered into a little salt and rice wine.

  2. Heat the cold oil into a little lard, omelet, the thicker the egg, the more fragrant. Packing spare.

  3. Leave the base oil in the pot, fry the pork belly, add dried daylily, shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimps, scallops, dried squid, winter bamboo shoots, pour 200ml of ginger juice (chicken juice), and cook for 1 minute into the lid of the rice wine. Once again, enter the rice wine, stir fry and cover the lid for 1 minute. Once again, boil the rice wine and pour it into the water to boil. Add the previously fried egg to the rice noodles (one of our hometown). Add spinach, clams (shrimp clams) without the need to put any condiments, and eat the original flavor of ginger.


My hometown mother will eat ginger soup noodles in the moon.

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