Recipe: Ginger millet porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger millet porridge


These days, the weather in Guangzhou is very humid, cold, put a little bit of ginger and cold, anti-cold. My brother is in the northeast. I have a cold in these days. When he is about to start the spring, he is most likely to catch a cold. He said that it is possible to cook such porridge!



  1. Wash the millet and rice, wash and clean

  2. Ginger cut filament spare

  3. Put enough water into the sand pot, roll the water and put in the rice, then add the millet. Continue to roll, turn to small fire

  4. Put ginger, cook and eat.


1, when doing porridge should pay attention to the above steps, add millet when the water is boiling, after the pan, the ginger is rolled again; 2, according to the estimated amount of finished food, the water should be added at a time, do not open the lid when the minimum fire is cooked, until it is completely blended, and then seasoned in the last few minutes.

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