Recipe: Ginger lettuce

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger lettuce


Today, with the tender green lettuce, it is a simple two-step process to make a ginger and lettuce that makes the whole meal enjoyable. The novice kitchen is also absolutely competent, making fresh banquet dishes that let people eat white-cut chicken.



  1. Ginger Cheng Chengrong add appropriate amount of salt and chicken powder and mix well, pour the oil into the chopped green onion and mix with the seasoning.

  2. Peeled cleaning hob

  3. Boil the chicken soup under the lettuce for about 8 minutes.

  4. Remove the cold and dry water and add the appropriate amount of ginger and scallion.


Do not like salt chicken powder can be changed into salt + a little pepper If you don't have a good chicken soup, use Shi Yunsheng or Confucius Soup.

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