Recipe: Ginger jujube milk tea (warm tea in winter)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger jujube milk tea (warm tea in winter)


It’s the happiest to drink a cup of milk tea in the cold.



  1. Ginger slices, about 5 slices, I said about 15 grams. (Like a thicker ginger, you can cut it)

  2. Use a knife to draw a few cuts on the red dates.

  3. Put the red dates and ginger into a small pot and add water to boil. Turn to a small heat and cook for a few minutes.

  4. Add brown sugar, milk and mix well, then simmer for a while and finish!


Very simple ~ ** In fact, the amount of all materials is not necessarily accurate, like ginger flavor, put more ginger, like sweet, put more brown sugar, and even change the water into milk, so the milk is more intense * * (It is recommended that everyone drink during the day and not eat ginger at night~~^)

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