Recipe: Ginger jujube blood tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger jujube blood tea



  1. Wash the dates, cut into small pieces after denuclearization. Ginger cut fine filaments. Longan shelling

  2. In addition to brown sugar, put all the ingredients in a small boiling pot, add water to the pot 4/5, cook for 15 minutes and turn off the heat.

  3. Put brown sugar in your own cup, pour in ginger jujube tea, drink without stirring

  4. This way, you can drink the sweet taste of dates, longan and glutinous rice in the first few mouthfuls. The brown sugar in the cup slowly turns away, each mouth is sweeter than the last one, how good it feels


1. The soup boiled in "Banzao" is best to drink. This time I used the Hami jujube in the stock of the home, and the skin was cooked to have a slight bitterness that was not noticeable. Jinsi jujube is still a snack. Of course, candied dates are not good either. 2, can be cooked with enamel pots, stainless steel pots, but definitely can not use iron pot (who has seen the use of iron pot 熬 Chinese medicine?).

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