Recipe: Ginger, garlic, pork red

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger, garlic, pork red


Children like to eat pig red, this practice is most popular with them ^_^ This dish is super simple!



  1. Freshly sliced ​​pig red carefully (about one centimeter thick), boiled in boiling water, cooked in the absence of red (about a few minutes, constantly flipping gently,) picked up and washed with cold water.

  2. After the pot is hot, put the oil and put the ginger and garlic on the sauté. After the pig is red, stir fry for two minutes, pour the wine and cover it for one minute.

  3. Soy sauce salt and raw water and mix well with a little water, pour into the pot and thicken the saucepan. It tastes good. ^o^

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