Recipe: Ginger, garlic, garlic, chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger, garlic, garlic, chicken wings


This dish is my hometown dish. My hometown is Hong Kong. I used to fill in my resume and I was told to fill Baoan. It was my country. Baoan never told me where I have never been, so that is totally meaningless. I belong to Hong Kong. Hong Kong does not call this chicken wings, called chicken wings. The method is extremely simple. Chicken wings can be used with the full wing, and only the middle wing can be used. Can be opened, can not be embarrassed. It is more convenient to open it, but it will be easy to cook if the meat is cooked for too long. The secret of cooking hometown food is that there is no weight and nothing is arbitrary.



  1. Put oil into the pot. Heated ginger, garlic, and onion.

  2. Put the chicken wings and use a spatula until the surface of the chicken wings is heated.

  3. Like wine.

  4. Release the pumping. The soy sauce is to have its salty taste.

  5. Put on the old pump. The soy sauce is to have its sweetness and color.

  6. If you want to eat sweeter, put some sugar.

  7. Of course, let's put some water. Cover it and lick it.

  8. Put the onion and collect it after receiving the water. When the onions are still green and green, they will be served immediately.

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