Recipe: Ginger Fried Meat (Xiang Cai)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger Fried Meat (Xiang Cai)


Authentic Hunan cuisine, delicious, smells super appetite! And not hot!



  1. First separate the fat and lean meat, and cut a large rectangular piece (about four or five centimeters long and three or four centimeters wide).

  2. Put the meat in the dish, put salt, chicken, soy sauce, and oil-salted for 15 minutes.

  3. Ginger slices, green onion cut flowers for use.

  4. Heat the pan, add a little oil, heat it a little and then add the cut fat, and squeeze it into a color (do not paste, do not dry).

  5. Add ginger and add incense

  6. Put the marinated meat into the meat and stir until the meat is discolored. (If you like the tenderness, you can put it in the whole color. If you like to chew it, you can stir it twice.)

  7. No need to add any spices directly to the plate! Sprinkle with chopped green onion!


Fat meat should not be squeezed, chopped green onion is just a decorative effect, not to put it!

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