Recipe: Ginger fried beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger fried beef



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Beef tender ginger shredded

    Beef tender ginger shredded

  2. Add the raw starch to the beef and mix and marinate for 10 minutes, too thick to add a small amount of water.

  3. Open the fire and put the oil on it (it can eat more oil). Heat the pot to about 90%, put the ginger and sauté in the pot. Stir fry in the beef and stir it evenly with ginger.rAt this time, a little bit of the pot) Add the right amount of water and then add the white sugar, soy sauce, chicken, add the old soaking color, put off the chopped green onion!


This dish is about speed, and it is about the taste. It is called fast food!

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