Recipe: Ginger duck face

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger duck face


There is a ginger duck noodle restaurant near our house. My husband especially likes to eat. When I say it is delicious, I took it to eat once. When I came back, I tried it myself and made ginger duck noodles. I didn’t expect the taste to be better than that of the noodle restaurant. Also praise (≧▽≦)/



  1. Wash the ducks, cut small pieces, control the moisture

  2. Sliced ​​onion, garlic slices, sliced ​​ginger, chopped green pepper

  3. Do not put oil in the pot, put the duck directly in the middle of the fire, pick up the duck oil, add onion and garlic, 郫县豆瓣, saute, add wine, rock sugar, add water, boil and simmer for 40 minutes, add ginger , green red pepper

  4. In addition, the pot, boiled water, boiled noodles, noodles cooked, filled in a bowl, topped with roasted ginger duck, ginger duck noodles just fine

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