Recipe: Ginger duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger duck



  1. Put the duck in water and cook the ginger wine in the water.

  2. When cooking duck, you can cut ginger, sour taro, sour chili, sour bamboo shoots, and put them together in a bowl.

  3. Take a bowl, put the right amount of salt, soy sauce, fuel consumption, raw flour, fermented bean curd, pepper, sugar into the bowl, wait until the duck is cooked, add half a bowl of duck soup, then stir well

  4. Cut the duck into smaller pieces

  5. The pot is oily, the oil is hot, the ginger, the sour bamboo shoots, the sour taro, the sour pepper

  6. After sauteing the sauté, put the freshly brothed soup, stir evenly, wait until the broth is boiled, pour the duck meat, stir evenly, suffocate for two minutes, get the plate

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