Recipe: Ginger duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger duck


Eat radish in winter to eat ginger, ginger or ginger to eat.焖 Half of the ducks, a piece of ginger is enough.



  1. Ducks are cut into pieces, hot pots, without oil, directly fry the ducks and force the duck oil out. Stir-fry the ducks to white, then take the pot.

  2. Put the oil, add some sugar, almost melt the sliced ​​ginger, add enough salt, fry for a minute or two, then pour the fried duck.

  3. Continue to stir fry, add a lot of soy sauce, do not put too much oysters, if the salt is put more. Add water to the ducks. Into the casserole or directly for twenty minutes. Get it done.

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