Recipe: Ginger duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger duck


This is one of the most basic home-cooked dishes in Sichuan~~ As long as you smell it, the saliva follows the flow~ haha.



  1. Put oil into the pot (if the duck is very fat, you can reduce the oil, because the duck itself will produce water), put a small amount of pepper.

  2. Pour the duck into the pot, the more the ducks are simmered. (You can release the wine while frying the duck meat. But you can't pick the duck meat with the cooking wine, or the duck meat will have a strong taste.)

  3. The duck meat is roughly stir-fry for about 5 minutes, or the duck meat is ripened (turns golden yellow), and the duck skin and duck meat are rolled up, and the bean paste is served.

  4. Wait for the watercress to fry, put the pickled pepper (lifting color), ginger (may not, but the ginger is delicious), soak the ginger (also not, but soak the ginger). The fire is mixed.

  5. Put vinegar (vinegar taste, and make the duck meat easier to taste), at this time, you can drop a few drops of soy sauce, color. Stir fry for about a minute, put sugar, and mix with vinegar.

  6. Put red pepper. Be sure to put the red pepper first, stir it for about a minute, and let the duck meat taste spicy. Then put the green pepper. If there is less water in the pot at this time, a small amount of water can be added, mainly to let the duck meat fully absorb the taste of red pepper and green pepper, and also make it soft and more imported.

  7. When the water is almost collected, put ginger and garlic. Put salt according to your taste, because the previous pickled peppers, ginger, and bean paste have salt.


This is my first release of recipes, and there are still some shortcomings. I hope everyone will understand. . Ha ha

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