Recipe: Ginger duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger duck


Super fragrant super delicious amaranth! It is still a family recipe, the duck meat has not been treated with astringency, and it is also blended with the spicy taste of the ginger, soft and delicious, super food~



  1. Cut the duck meat into small pieces, wash the water, drain and set aside. Sliced ​​ginger, which means that the pepper is cut into a horseshoe shape, and the ginger and pepper are chopped and set aside.

  2. Heat the duck into the duck, add the wine and dry until the duck oil is taken out.

  3. Heat the pan into the wide oil, put the dried pepper and dry the pepper and fry it slightly. Stir the red oil in the bean paste and stir in the ginger and pickle the pepper. Stir fry for a while.

  4. Into the duck meat, do not evenly season the color, put sugar, beer, water, cover the duck meat, cover the lid and simmer until the duck meat becomes soft.

  5. Into the ginger, refers to the pepper stir fry, put salt and soy sauce, and evenly continue to simmer until the ginger becomes soft, the duck color is bright.

  6. Into the chicken essence, from the pot


1. When cooking duck meat, put more wine, then stir fry, and dry the water vapor to remove the smell of duck meat. 2. The process of licking duck meat is relatively long, estimated time, early cooking, otherwise it will be late. = = 3. After the ginger is still needed for a while, the ginger can completely absorb the umami taste of the duck. 4. If you like spicy food, you can put a few millet spicy, or put more bean paste. 5. Please cook some more! Zi Jiang is too much to eat!

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