Recipe: Ginger cola

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger cola



  1. Wash fresh ginger, peeled, cut into small filaments, wash the skillet, put in a bottle of cola, boil with ginger, boil and then simmer for 5-10 minutes.


1. Ginger Coke is not a medicine. If the symptoms are serious or have other complications, please seek medical advice. 2. It is recommended to put it warm and drink it. Too hot is harmful to the esophagus, but it should not be too cold. 3. The regular version is more practical, and the microwave version is no longer necessary. 4. It is better to use Coca-Cola because its predecessor is cough syrup. (Xie Lao Botou reminds) 5. It is best to eat fish for 2 days, eat and drink light. 6. Ginger stewed red pond is also a good method, and the taste of ginger stewed red pond is more acceptable.

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