Recipe: Ginger chicken liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger chicken liver


A person who can't do pig liver, turn to chicken liver! Sweet after the entrance, tender as foie gras. Do not stir-fry, less fumes, but also my love!



  1. Disposal: remove the fat attached to the chicken liver; pour the chicken liver into the net spoon, then pour it into the chicken liver with hot water, slowly pour it, don't 'snap' down. When half of the hot water is left, the chicken liver turns over and continues to pour hot water; this will remove some of the smell from the chicken liver. Cut into a bite, rinse a few more times, drain the water.

  2. Put the chicken liver into the pot and pour the wine into it. Open fire. In a short while, bloody foam will appear on the surface, and the blood foam will be removed with a spoon. The cleaner the better.

  3. Add ginger and sugar. Raw soy sauce is dripped into the pot. After 5 or 6 minutes, take a piece of chicken liver and try it. If there is no blood in the middle, it is already good. Immediately, the horse will be turned off, and even the soup will be filled with chicken liver. If there is blood in the middle, cook for another minute.

  4. Let the chicken liver soak in the soup for 30 minutes.


This method is only suitable for chicken liver.

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