Recipe: Ginger chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger chicken feet



  1. Cut the nails of the chicken feet and wash them.

  2. Boiled water. Cool the pot until it is boiling and pick it up.

  3. Hot oil, put ginger, garlic, dried chili.

  4. Put chicken feet and other ingredients and fry until colored.

  5. Put in water, turn the fire and turn it to a small fire.

  6. Cook for 15-20 minutes or so, and collect the juice from the fire.

  7. Began to eat.


It would be better if the allspice was replaced with octagonal cinnamon leaves. I am not at home. . . You can also put a few peppers when you start to scent. . . There is also wood at home. . . Ginger should be put more.

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