Recipe: Ginger chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger chicken



  1. The chicken is cleaned and smashed into pieces, and the ginger and garlic are ground into a stalk.

  2. Open the pot, add the right amount of oil, pour the ground ginger and garlic into the pot and put the salt (a little), stir-fry for a while, pour in the chicken, then add a little soy sauce and stir well, wait for the chicken to cook quickly. When it is poured into the prepared raw water, stir fry until cooked, then the pan can be cooked.


In fact, adding some onions to make onion oil chicken is not bad. Since yesterday was the July 14th festival, I used steamed chicken to make this dish, but I don't like to eat white-cut chicken, so I cooked it like this, and the taste is still ok...

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