Recipe: Ginger cane mutton soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger cane mutton soup


I think winter is the best season for eating lamb! ! People who get on the cold and cold body (that is, when the feet are cold in winter, but the hot things are easy to get angry) are most suitable for this soup, and the effect of food supplement is still very obvious. This soup is sweet, suitable for all ages.



  1. Slice the mutton, don't be too thin; ginger slices, sugar cane to cut a few knives, good bite is also good taste; red dates to nuclear (red dates nuclear is hot).

  2. Add a proper amount of water to the casserole, add a few slices of ginger and sugar cane, and cook over low heat. Take a pot of ginger and salt and add two or three bowls of water. Cook and add the mutton. After the water is opened, remove the mutton and put it in clean water to wash the floating foam.

  3. Wash the washed lamb into the casserole. At this time, add red dates, wait for the water to open, then add 枸杞 and continue to simmer for half an hour.


The mutton is boiled in salt water to remove half of the astringency. Salt + ginger to cook the mutton, you can go to most of the astringency. The taste of the soup cooked later will not have a smell of sheep.

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