Recipe: Ginger burst back ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger burst back ribs


Ginger burst back to the pork ribs ~ fish boss to do, he cooks about once a year hahaha, today I don't know which wind is wrong. The focus of the fish dad cooking is not to season, not too much, so in fact, today made a total of three sets, the result is almost a good solution to a meal, this dish has no pressure on a bowl of rice.



  1. Fresh ginger slices, pepper cut strips, Lao Jiang ginger garlic mince

  2. Wash the ribs with water, remove the froth from boiling water, add in the skillet, add water, ginger, boil, turn to low heat, stew for one hour.

  3. From the oil pan, add ginger and minced garlic, stir fry, into the Pixian County watercress, stir fry, into the ribs and stir fry evenly

  4. Add ginger slices, stir-fry the peppers, mix in a little soy sauce and salt, stir fry


1 ingredients should be cut [long], fried and soft to look good, also suitable for summer eating 2 cooked pork ribs soup can be added to the melon and boiled, it becomes a delicious winter melon soup. 3 peppers and ginger should be more, will have, only the tongue, but the heart is happy, haha~

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