Recipe: Ginger black tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger black tea


Excerpts from Ishihara's fruitful "Ginger + Black Tea Drinking into Thin Beauty" Weight loss that requires pain and endurance cannot persist for a long time For humans, it is a painful thing to resist to eat what you like. This is not just about the issue of willpower. The pressure of not consuming the things you like is definitely not going to have the slightest positive effect on weight loss. For weight loss, the most important thing is not to accumulate stress, that is, not to be patient. Even in the process of losing weight, you can tolerate not eating the food you like. Once the weight loss is over, the negative effects of this tolerance will definitely show up and there will be a rebound.   Ginger is a food that has the effect of losing weight and drinking beauty. Black tea itself is a kind of warm food. For people with cold constitution or long-term coldness caused by cold hands and feet, it is definitely convenient and easy to make weight loss. Best products, while promoting perspiration and diuresis, improve metabolism, improve the body fat, and not easy to rebound after reduction. Although black tea itself is a warm food, it can produce heat in the body, but in the ginger black tea made with ginger, the weight loss effect of ginger is the most significant! In our usual cooking, add some ginger to taste, after eating food, the body will become very warm, because the various ingredients in ginger play a role in promoting blood circulation and increasing metabolism. 【Ginger phenol and ginger ene powder increase body temperature】 Gingerol and gingerol powder are the spicy ingredients of ginger. After eating ginger, the capillaries of the extremities expand, the blood flows more smoothly, the body temperature rises, and the fat burns more thoroughly. [Adiponectin makes you not fat] The previously mentioned ginger ene powder can also inhibit the reduction of adiponectin. Adiponectin can repair damaged blood vessels, not only smooth blood flow, but also reduce the neutral fat value in the blood, adjust blood sugar and so on. At the same time, when the amount of adiponectin is reduced, the body is prone to obesity, and when it is increased, it is not easy to get fat. [warm ingredients enhance visceral function] After the blood vessels are dilated and the blood circulation is accelerated, the internal organs such as the intestines and stomach can also be activated. In particular, it promotes the peristaltic ability of the intestines, improves constipation, and makes the defecation more smooth. The excess waste and toxins in the body can be smoothly excreted from the body. The abdomen has obvious effects. In fact, I didn't read this book carefully, and I didn't want to drink ginger black tea to lose weight. Because amo is a cold body, I freeze my hands in the winter, my face is pale, my blood is impassable, and I have Chinese medicine advice. In the winter, drink ginger black tea to warm up and regulate the blood, and then I found the Ishihara's strong book, which everyone can watch online. Let me talk about the personal experience of drinking this tea. First of all, the frozen hands and feet are improved. The face is better than before. The most pleasant surprise is that it is also particularly laxative, and the lower abdomen is more and more flat. The so-called ginger black tea fasting diet in the book should be reliable, everyone study it! It should be noted that people who are hot should not try it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It is easy to get acne and it is especially hot! ! ! ! ! ! As for why please see the ginger properties described above! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Girl with cold body edema and edema type, please feel free to try, warm the body to cure pain, regulate blood and strengthen physical discharge, lose weight and no side effects, conscience recommended! ! ! ! ! ! ! In addition to fresh ginger, you can also use ginger powder instead, because my appeal is not to lose weight, so I did not follow the amount in the book.



  1. First make ginger puree, wash 100g of ginger and peel it, then grind it into a mud. Take a small pot and heat it. Pour in half a bowl of water. After boiling, add the ginger that has just been ground, heat it with medium heat, stir until the water becomes Gummyly turn off the fire, and the ginger mud can be done.

  2. 500ml of water is boiled, put in black tea, adjust to medium heat, turn hot until the water becomes thicker.

  3. After the black tea is ready, add 1 spoon of ginger and mix a little brown sugar. (or add 1 teaspoon of honey after cooling)


Ginger puree needs to be refrigerated, or there is another way to use 100g ginger to boil water and then put the ice cube box to freeze. Put two pieces of black tea after each day. I am lazy and directly add 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder to remind the body heat again. The girl tried carefully! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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