Recipe: Ginger beer (no alcohol)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger beer (no alcohol)


Ever since I went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant and drank their ginger beer, I started to learn to do my own thoughts. Just find this recipe on Jamie's website. It is especially refreshing and quenching thirst, better than drinking beer and cola. Partyes can come in handy.



  1. The ginger is peeled, ground into a mud, and placed in a large cup. Lemon peeled the skin out with a paring knife, and put it into the cup. Add 3 tablespoons of raw cane brown sugar and rub the material with a piece of glutinous rice.

  2. Squeeze in half a lemon juice, then pour in a can of combed water and stir. Then use a sieve to separate the brewed beverage into another cup, so that the ginger can be removed and the taste is better.

  3. Add a lot of mint leaves and ice cubes before drinking. This amount can probably pour out 2 cups of cold and watery ginger beer.


The amount of material can be adjusted according to your own taste. If you like ginger, you can put more ginger. If you like sweet, you can put more sugar. It is so easy.

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