Recipe: Ginger beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger beef


The favorite thing is that the beef's strength is matched with the fresh ginger, and the two wattle peppers are accompanied by the left and right.



  1. Beef into silk, marinated with starch and raw material for ten minutes, pepper cut, ginger and shredded

  2. Put a little more oil, add 70% hot to add the vinegar, stir fry, add beef stir fry, soy sauce, until the beef is cut off and ready for use.

  3. From the oil pan, add pickled pepper, garlic, saute, pour in beef and stir fry for a while, add ginger, stir fry

  4. Season with salt, add celery and saute when cooked quickly, start the pot~


Beef with celery is just like a mustard mixed with tofu, it will also give the whole dish a lot of flavor. The beef is re-cooked because the beef is not old and the taste of the ingredients is completely out. Pickled pepper wine can be used to taste, so the curing time must be enough~

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