Recipe: Ginger beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger beef


Ginger Beef Silk ~ The summer of memory must have the taste of this dish. No matter how hot it is, you can easily get three big bowls of rice. The so-called home cooking, of course, the meal is king, and other gimmicks can be eliminated.



  1. All kinds of seasonings are washed and shredded, and the beef is marinated with a little starch, cooking wine, soy sauce and vegetable oil for ten minutes.

  2. Start the wok, add the oil to the Pixian County watercress, stir fry the pepper, add the beef stir fry

  3. Add millet spicy and ginger to stir fry, season with salt, stir fry a few times into garlic, and serve as a pot.


The beef should be smooth and tender, first marinated and simmered, and then stir-fried, the time is short, and it will be cotton for a long time. The oil can be slightly more to prevent the beef from sticking to the bottom. It is also great to use bottled wild pepper without home-made pickles.

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