Recipe: Ginger and garlic fried broccoli

Home Cooking Recipe: Ginger and garlic fried broccoli


E Road teaches you to cook easily! Western blue flowers have high nutritional value and good taste. It is the vegetable that often appears on my table. With a little bit of ginger and garlic slices, the broccoli is especially delicious. If you don't believe it, try it!



  1. The broccoli is cut into a bite, washed and drained. The thick stem can also be cut off with a knife, then cut into pieces and fried together, do not waste.

  2. Heat the wok and add cooking oil. After the oil is warm, put the garlic slices and scent, the color is slightly yellow, and then put the ginger into the scent. Add the broccoli and stir well until you pour in the water and add salt, sugar and white wine. After the water is rolled, it can be cooked for about a minute or so.


The recipe is described in the "water and oil fried vegetables" method. The vegetables that are so fried are not only fresh and delicious, but also easy to overheat and more convenient. Interested friends may wish to give it a try. As for white wine, you can also change to cooking wine. But the flavor will be reduced.

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