Recipe: Ghost chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Ghost chicken


This is the most frequent dish in the family recently. Xiao Sun’s teacher once repeated it. The smell of the seasoning is very heavy, but he eats it with tears every time, maybe because he loves me, of course it may be spicy.



  1. The chicken legs are peeled and boiled, and the fire is boiled.

  2. Wait for the ingredients to be cooked: lemon juice, red pepper, parsley, ginger and garlic, add salt, put in a bowl

  3. Tree tomato cut four petals, cucumber shredded

  4. Mix the chicken with vegetables and seasonings.


1. This is usually used to solve the chicken stew, so the whole chicken can also do 2. Chicken can be cut or shredded, or scratched 3. Do not put soy sauce, fish sauce, no. 4. More material discharge 5. This method is very delicious for mixing strawberries and pineapples, but he does not let

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