Recipe: Ghee black tea (codone recipe)

Home Cooking Recipe: Ghee black tea (codone recipe)


When I first started ketamine, I saw the story of bulletproof coffee. The inventor of bulletproof coffee felt energetic after drinking butter tea, and then invented bulletproof coffee, which was passed back to China with the ketogenic diet. After trying the bullet-proof coffee and understanding the ghee in the butter tea, I found that using Western-style butter as a drink is too far-fetched for the Chinese, and it is good to use the grassland butter directly. Prairie butter is more impurity than Western butter, and it is more fragrant and easier to mix with liquid. Although it is not suitable for baking, it is more advantageous to make beverages.



  1. Lipton tea bag with 150ml of water for 2 minutes

  2. Add grassland butter and salt

  3. Put it in the bottle, shake it, shake it until it is evenly mixed


Using ghee with a fat content of more than 99 in Tibet or Inner Mongolia, prairie butter is the name used in marketing later, and the essence is the ghee of butter tea.

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