Recipe: Getting started with chicken pizza~

Home Cooking Recipe: Getting started with chicken pizza~


The new novice bought in the oven is the first time to think about how simple it is to taste good~{A lot of people will react after they have done it. . . . Chicken must be cooked separately in advance, otherwise it will definitely be out of the water. . Never be lazy. }



  1. Pizza skin is taken out of the refrigerator and thawed at room temperature.

  2. Pizza plate with a low layer of oil, put the pizza skin on it.

  3. Chicken legs and bones, cut into small pieces, and marinate with salt and pepper. Put a little salt

  4. The marinated chicken is first placed in the oven and baked.

  5. Paste a layer of ketchup on the bottom of the pizza and spread a layer of cheese. (Our cheese is as easy to use as a potato chip.)

  6. The chicken is evenly placed. Green peppers, onions, tomatoes, cut, evenly sprinkled, and then the last layer of cheese.

  7. Brush the outer layer of the brush to a layer of oil into the oven 200 degrees up and down the fire for 15 minutes to eat out on the line ~


Not Bai Fumei All kinds of tools and materials are what they use for their own home. It’s very convenient to come out soon. What is the face of the face?

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