Recipe: Geleshan Spicy Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Geleshan Spicy Chicken


Alias ​​[red hug] Because I was on the table, my mom and I took a bowl of rice and had a good meal. Slowly hugged in the peppers to pick the meat, and then simply eat the pepper. It’s always delicious, you can’t let go~



  1. The chicken is cut into small pieces of chicken. Ginger slices, onion cut filament

  2. Dried chili peppers cut into 3 small pieces with scissors

  3. Place the chicken in a bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, salt, a little ginger, a little pepper. Mix well, marinate for half an hour

  4. Pour 300g of oil into the pan. After the heat is cooked, the chicken pieces are fried. After frying until ginger, leave it for a while and then fry it again. Then drain the oil and set aside

  5. Leave a little oil in the pot and heat the fire. Under the onion ginger, Sichuan pickled pepper and Pixian County watercress scented, then stir-fried chicken pieces until the chicken pieces are evenly dipped in sauce. After 2 - 3 minutes, dry the peppers and peppers. After 2 minutes, I turned to the fire and continued to stir fry. When the oil in the pot is absorbed, the pepper and pepper will be out of the pot.


This dish is actually Chongqing Geleshan Spicy Chicken. Unlike other places, this spicy chicken is fried and the chicken has an inner fragrance. Hot girl paper is not made in one day. The whole process must be flamboyant, and the spicy chickens that are made must be done. It is best not to know which one is the chicken and which is the chicken. When you eat, don't eat the freshly baked, old meat, wait for the temperature to drop slightly, and the crunchy chew is full, making people want to fill the wine glass~ I really traveled home and sang the best dishes in the motherland.

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