Recipe: Geleshan Spicy Chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Geleshan Spicy Chicken


One of the representatives of Chongqing Jianghu cuisine, experience the fun of finding chicken inside the pepper



  1. The cock removes the viscera, the tip of the wing, the chicken's cock, the chicken's claw and then smashes it into a 1cm small diced, adding salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, soy sauce, ginger and smashed green onion. Marinated, the marinade is marinated. Otherwise, even if you add salt later, the chicken will not taste.

  2. Cut the pepper into small pieces, the ratio of chicken and pepper is about 1.5:1 (weight ratio), the ratio of red pepper and Chaotian pepper is about 1:10.

  3. The oil in the pot is burned to 70% heat, and the chicken is fried. When the oil temperature drops, the chicken butyl is cut off and the fish is removed. When the oil temperature rises again to 70% or 80%, the chicken oil is transferred to the skin. Out, until the oil temperature rises again to 70% or 80%, the chicken oil is transferred to the skin brown and red.

  4. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add the onion, ginger, garlic and saute, then add the peppercorns to the saute, add the dried chili, turn the small fire and stir the spicy, pay attention to the fire can not be big, otherwise the pepper is easy to paste,

  5. Then add the chicken and continue to stir fry. Add two tablespoons of red oil, stir the peppers and chicken, then add two white sesame seeds.


When the fried chicken is easy to make mistakes, the oil temperature is low, and then the chicken is soaked in the low temperature oil, so that the fried chicken has a very dry taste and is not good.

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