Recipe: Gelatine slice red bean coconut milk cake coconut cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Gelatine slice red bean coconut milk cake coconut cake


I heard that there is a smell of fish gelatin powder, so I will replace it with a gelatin tablet.



  1. The gelatin tablets are first soaked in cold water, and the milk and sugar are cooked in an induction cooker until the sugar melts. Do not boil, boil the heat, then add coconut milk and gelatin tablets respectively.

  2. Then add coconut milk and gelatin tablets separately and mix them evenly.

  3. Finally, put the red beans, put them in the refrigerator and freeze them. You can filter them before putting them in the refrigerator. It is more delicate. I have more bubbles because of excessive stirring. I put the refrigerator without filtering. It is also rough. I did it at night. The refrigerator was refrigerated for one night. When you wake up the next day, you can cut it and eat it, or just take a spoon and dig it directly, just like eating double skin milk.


Red beans can be replaced with fruits that I like. I made mango coconut cake last time. It is also very delicious. Honey red beans are sweet, so sugar can be put less.

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