Recipe: Gel sphenoidal cooker

Home Cooking Recipe: Gel sphenoidal cooker


啫啫: Food, ginger and onions are placed in a very hot corrugated (煲), so that the food emits a "squeaky" sound and a method of cooking the aroma. Inspired by the raw butterfly head, there is a butterfly fish in the house. It is good to try it, and the child is especially fond of eating. In fact, the butterfly head is more delicious, the fish is tenderer and the gum is more.



  1. The butterfly fish is cut into large pieces and marinated with the right amount of rice wine and oyster sauce for 10 minutes.

  2. Cut onion, chives and parsley

  3. A large spoonful of oyster sauce, sand tea sauce, seafood sauce, and column sauce, sugar is a little according to personal taste, and the amount of rice wine is adjusted to a bowl of juice.

  4. Marinated fish, wrapped in yolk, fried in a frying pan until golden brown on both sides, remove the oil

  5. Taji pot is hot, a little oil is added to garlic and onion

  6. Put the fried fish pieces into a good, the bowl of juice is evenly poured on the fish pieces, pour the appropriate amount of water, cover the lid and knead for 10 minutes.

  7. Put a little sesame oil on the pan and put the parsley and shallots.


1, because the first time I chose to fry the fish first, I think if you only choose the fish head, oysters are also good; 2, in the process of preparing the bowl of juice, according to their own taste can not add sugar, sand tea sauce is more appropriate, the taste will be very good; 3, all kinds of sauces have a salty taste, so do not put salt; 4, the fish pieces are placed on the top of the onion, to prevent sticking to the pot, and then pay attention to the amount of soup in the process of cooking, to avoid paste pot; 5, after the fish is cooked, do not need to take it out, Taji pot directly on the table, eat it is still hot.

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