Recipe: Gastrodia stewed pig brain

Home Cooking Recipe: Gastrodia stewed pig brain


As a traditional medicated stew, Tianma pig brain soup has its unique effect. The ancients said: What to eat. Right, no matter who, but single refers to gastrodia and pig brain, it has its brain-filling effect. Hurricane, treatment of vertigo, cephalopore, headache, neurasthenia, people who often use the brain can drink Tianma pig brain soup to supplement the brain.



  1. Wash the pig brain to the blood, place it in a ceramic pot, and put in the ginger; then wash the Tianma slice into a ceramic pot and add the appropriate amount of water.

  2. Stew for 3 hours.

  3. After stewing, add salt and chopped green onion and serve.


Siyi suggested: the salt should be placed after the stew is finished, and be careful when washing the pig's brain. Do not break the pig's brain. Suitable for the crowd: mental workers, white-collar workers. Expert Comments: Qi and brain, especially suitable for long-term mental workers.

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